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Lubetzky Family Foundation

During my first Northeastern co-op internship at KIND Snacks in New York City, I had the incredible opportunity to design a logo for the Lubetzky Family Foundation (LFF). LFF was created by Daniel Lubetzky, CEO and Founder of KIND, in an effort to find solutions to society's challenges with a focus on civil dialogue and social impact.


For the LFF logo, I created a symbol using five lines to construct an abstract interpretation of the letters "LFF", with each line representing the members of Lubetzky's family. The colors I used match the KIND Snacks logo colors, consistent with all of Lubetzky's projects which share this color palette. Lastly, I chose the typeface Gilroy for the text, as I found it to look sleek and professional alongside the colorful symbol. 

The logo I created is currently used for all LFF branding as well as Daniel Lubetzky's

business card. 

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